What our Customers are saying.....

"I just wanted to say that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, I have spoken to have said how much they enjoyed the party and that was down to the fantastic atmosphere you guys created.....Thank you so much for being so fantastic.   I do consider myself a very lucky girl to know so many fabulous people ,…. And now I know a fabulous band… may be one day we will do it all again!" - Janet

"It was a great ceilidh - we couldn't have wished for better.
We're very grateful to you for making the evening so enjoyable and memorable." - Paula


"A huge THANK YOU for great music on Saturday night. Andy was a brilliant caller, getting everyone to have a try at dancing and we had a wonderful time. I've had lots of emails and cards from my guests saying how much they had enjoyed themselves.

I relaxed really early on and enjoyed the party more than anyone I think!"   Mary xx


"We had a great time! Thank you all :-)"     Jennie


"Had a wicked time at my first ever barn dance at Stotfold Memorial Hall! Thank you Abella for making it a brilliant experience! All of you were great!!"  Charlotte


We all had a fabulous time and thought you were all great!


'Excellent evening, and your music was fantastic, as always! Teresa

'The Band and Caller were simply brilliant'


And what band members are saying:

'We were very good that night. Lifted I think, in part by the enthusiasm of the dancers under Andy’s guidance.'

'There were times when the sound became rich and complex with improvisations which would have been equally appropriate at an Ian Dury and the Blockheads gig about 1980!

...And it was such fun!'